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Jew It Yourself


Jew-It-Yourself Grants

Apply for funding and Hillel support to host a Shabbat or holiday meal or gathering for you and friends, student groups, your fraternity or sorority, or design a program or ongoing initiative. Whether you want to host a Shabbat picnic dinner, a Yom Kippur Break Fast, or a Hanukkah candle lighting; form a Jewish meditation group; want to cook your family recipe for friends; or have another idea that interests you – our Jew-It-Yourself (JIY) grants are for you!  We’ll provide funds and supplies, and work with you to help make your meal or other idea possible.


  1. Submit the application below for a Shabbat meal no later than Sunday night preceding your Friday meal.
  2. BEFORE your event - make sure to keep all receipts to be able to get a reimbursement.
  3. AT your event - make sure to keep an attendance list.
  4. AT your event - take 3-5 pictures of your guests enjoying the gathering; if it is Shabbat or a holiday where you or your attendees do not take photos for religious reasons, take 3-5 pictures of your preparation (as much as we enjoy seeing the dishes you cook and your set-up, please submit photos of students.)
  5. Within 1 week of hosting, fill out a reimbursement form to submit your attendance list, receipts, and photos. You will receive a confirmation email. 
  6. Your reimbursement will be processed and sent within 2 weeks of your reimbursement submission.

Questions? Please be in touch with Assistant Director, Hannah Rubin-Schlansky at


Jew-It-Yourself Grant FAQ

  1. How much money can I apply for?

    As is common with grant applications, we ask you to be intentional about what you are requesting and apply for what you need, and we will let you know what we are able to fund!

    Shabbat JIYs: there are two options! An $8 stipend per person to help you order in from your favorite restaurant or buy ingredients and supplies to cook dinner (please keep your receipts!) OR catered meals from Kohn's including an entree, 1-2 sides, and dessert. Hillel will supply you with grape juice, challah, tea lights and paper goods and utensils.

    For all other JIY programs/initiatives (including but not limited to Rosh Hashanah meals, Yom Kippur Break Fast meals, Snacks for Jewish Book Club meetings, virtual cooking events with friends, Jewish paint parties, and more!), Hillel will fund most, if not all program costs. If you're ordering meals from a restaurant we likely cannot cover the entire cost of the event, but will subsidize it.

    Please note that JIY funds cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol, even if all attendees are over 21. Moreover, we know that ambiance is important when hosting guests. Reasonable requests will be considered for flowers or other decorations, but unfortunately, JIY funds cannot cover lighting, furniture, or other similar supplies.

  2. Who can apply for these funds?

    Any current undergraduate WashU student that wishes to create a Jewish program or experience may apply.

  3. Do I need to do anything special for reimbursement?

    YES! Please make sure to review all application instructions - you'll need to submit photos, event attendance, and receipts to receive reimbursement. Instructions will be sent to you.

  4. Wow! This is great! Does WashU Hillel have other similar funding opportunities?

    Yes! During the fall semester, you can sign up to receive a stipend, support, a special gift, and more while hosting a Shabbat with your friends as part of Shabbat Around WashU. During the spring semester, we have a similar program called Do Your Own Seder during Passover!

Jew-It-Yourself Grant Application
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If you answered "Shabbat Dinner," do you want:
Questions to think about: Why are you hosting this event? Who will it be for? What will you be doing?
We know the guest list may change and will ask you to confirm after the event. Please include yourself!
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Apply for a Shabbat meal no later than the Sunday preceding your Friday meal, please!
Please include all costs you might expect to incur for this event, and any explanations necessary.