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Jewish Learning Fellowship FAQ

Have questions about JLF? Please read below! If you have any other questions please contact Click here to apply or read more info about the program.
  1. What is JLF?

    JLF provides a semester of intellectual and experiential learning from a pluralistic perspective for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism. This semester we are offering two classes! Visit for descriptions.

  2. How is JLF different from other programs? Are you just trying to make me be Jewish?

    JLF is run by WashU Hillel - the official hub for Jewish life on campus.

    Hillel is a pluralistic, non-denominational organization. That means that we don't believe that there is just "one right way to be Jewish" - the goal of JLF (or any Hillel program) isn't to make you "more religious" or "less religious," but to give you a space to explore what being Jewish could mean to you with a community of interesting and fun people. Put simply, we want you to ask “big questions” about being Jewish, not give you “big answers.”

    Hillel's dedication to pluralistic values allow for the flexibility to create unique spaces where different expressions happen (i.e. various denominational Shabbat services) or one space where multiple Jewish expressions and identities can coexist (i.e. our community Shabbat dinners).

  3. What are the exact class dates & other celebration times?

    JLF 1.0: Social Justice
    Tuesdays, 6:15-8pm at Hillel
    3/10 - NO CLASS (Spring Break)
    4/14 - NO CLASS (Passover)

    JLF 2.0: Big Israel Questions
    Wednesdays, 6:15-8pm at Hillel
    3/11 - NO CLASS (Spring Break)
    4/8 - NO CLASS (Passover)
    4/15 - NO CLASS (Passover)

  4. Do I have to have previous Jewish learning experience to participate?

    Absolutely not! These classes is for students of any Jewish learning background. However, our Big Israel Questions class does have a prerequisite prior experience in Israel travel or advocacy. Please check our course descriptions for more info!

  5. But I'm so busy.

    JLF meets once a week, for 10 weeks, for an hour and a half. No homework, no essays, no pre-work. And we'll feed you. You have to eat sometime, right? Additionally, fellows earn a $250 at the end of the semester.

  6. I'm into this. What do I do now?

    Applications are open and space is limited! Submit your application today!

  7. I still have questions!

    Great! We would love to answer them. Let's grab coffee! Email