Hillel Leadership Council

Hillel Leadership Council, also known as HLC, is the student programming arm of WashU Hillel. Their goal is to create community for students, by students.  HLC is a Student Union (SU) recognized group. HLC works with the Hillel staff to provide social, educational, community service, religious, and cultural programs to students interested in WashU Jewish life. They work to give all students the opportunity to make lasting connections with peers, engage in leadership opportunities, and to further develop their Jewish identities.

 Jessica Hochberg
Administrative Operations VP: Molly Shuman
Religious Life VPs: Ben Ushman & Jacob Gross
Social Life VP: Deb Spencer
Social Justice VP: Jonah Klein-Barton
Treasury Chairs: Brent Katlan & Micah Goldson
FYSH Co-chairs: Aidan Lisker & Elana Goldenberg

Religious Life Cohort:
Conservative Life Chair - Coby Drexler, Shabbat Chair - Rachel Jacobsohn
Social Cohort: Sophomore Programming - Daniella RothPreston Tasoff, Junior Programming - Ari Cotler, Senior Programming - Rachel Boxer
Social Justice Cohort: Community Service - Maddie Lapp, Holocaust Awareness - Dora Schoenberg, Sustainability - Hannah Greenhouse, Interfaith - Clara Wohlstadter & Maddie Lapp
FYSH Board Members: Daniella Roth, Dora Schoenberg, Jessica RosenblumRinat Tal


The Executive Board is responsible for overseeing programs planned by their general board cohort, developing and implementing policies, goals and missions for Hillel, training, directing, and advising the General Board, and keeping records relevant to their positions. Weekly average time commitment is 5 hours.

Executive Board Responsibilities:

  • ​Be the student faces of WashU Hillel and HLC on campus
  • Meet every other week with Executive Board
  • Meet once a month with general board cohort (co-chairs that they supervise), and with individual chairs/co-chairs as necessary
  • Attend all HLC events and Shabbat dinners. Absences are at the discretion of the president and advisor
  • Attend Monthly General Body Meetings
  • Attend important Hillel events during orientation, holidays, etc.

General Board positions are chairs or co-chairs of a particular interest area. The chairs create programs, are each supervised by an Executive Board Member, and are encouraged to form their own committees and to reach out to the greater Hillel and WashU communities for assistance in both logistics and project brainstorming.  Time commitment can range from 2 to 4 hours a week depending on the position and time of year.

General Board Responsibilities:

  • Meet once a month with executive board member and general board cohort
  • Attend HLC events and Shabbat dinners
  • Attend monthly General Body Meetings
  • Be the student faces of WashU Hillel and HLC on campus
  • Create programs

Spots are always left on General Board for incoming students. Click here to apply for open General Board positions!